Casino Support

In addition to a strong selection of games, and generous promotions, the success of an online casino can hinge on the strength of its customer support team. And when it comes to customer support, “DaVicini Gold Casino,” is pure solid gold.

About The Customer Support At DaVicini Gold Casino

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at this casino. For members who have any concerns and questions, the dedicated support staff, can be reached either through live chat, touch tone phone, or through email. For those using email, this casino has conveniently provided emails for the support section, to handle matters with technical issues and registration, one for accounts to provide answers for cashing out, setting up an account and banking, and one for general inquiries. There is also a fax number provided for those who wish to communicate in this manner.

“DaVicini Gold Casino,” also provides a terms of use page which further breaks down the official rules of the casino, as well as the conduct expected of its members. The terms and services also goes in depth on the banking requirements as well as the requirements for making withdrawals. Going the extra mile for customer support, this casino also provides a frequently asked question section, specifically for making withdrawals. Some common withdrawal questions answered, includes both a daily and monthly withdrawal maximums. This section even covers how to properly make withdrawals based on promotions and VIP status.

“DaVicini Gold Casino” also provides a privacy policy page for its members to instantly access. Common issues and concerns addressed on this page includes how personal information is collected and its purpose of collection. This is also true of its official affiliates working on its behalf. This section also goes into specifics on how they will market and publicize the members who win the numerous prizes and jackpots available here.

With numerous baking options to get you up and running within in minutes, “DaVicini Gold Casino” offers hundreds of games,” all of which can be played instantly online or downloaded to your computer or smart device, such as the Windows phone, Samsung Android, or the Ipad or Iphone. This casino also accepts players from around the world, and it gladly accepts the American dollar, the Euro and the British Pound. And for any questions or concerns, the golden support team is standing by, just a click away through live chat, or email, and even touch tone phone to answer all your questions. They even provide services in the languages supported at this casino, which includes, English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Italian.