Diggin' Deep Slots

Diggin’ Deep is a mining-themed Rival game, which features a spectacularly detailed main screen and a familiar, yet thoroughly satisfying gameplay. The reels are seamlessly embedded in the background imagery, meaning that one doesn’t obstruct the view of the other. The reel grid is depicted in front of the hole from where the hard-working people are unearthing riches. An extremely happy yellow miner is standing proud to the right of the reels, rocking a very original outfit, which includes a melting candle on top of his helmet instead of a flashlight. The costume he is wearing also resembles ancient armor, which hints that there are fantasy elements in this particular variation of the mining theme. The character is standing on a wooden bridge. Chains and crates are hanging from the ceiling, rusty and dusty, and contribute to the laborious aura of the environment. Not everything, however, is hidden in shadow and depicts the taxing work of the protagonist. Many of the elements are pretty beautiful to behold – the pieces of gold scattered across the pathway, the golden purple title, which sparkles and shines, and of course, the beautifully designed symbols.

Pleasantly Familiar Gameplay with Helpful Special Symbols

Diggin’ Deep offers players a very standard set-up of five reels with three symbol positions each. The number of pay lines is twenty. Up to 10 coins can be placed before the reels spin, and the maximum amount, which can be attached to every coin, is 25 cents—coupled with the pay lines count that creates a maximum possible bet of 50 dollars. The RTP of Diggin’ Deep is 95.31 percent. Players will be profiting from a paytable of a decent size with plenty of well-paying symbols. Additionally, the game’s wild and scatter symbols have generous effects, such as activating the game’s free spin feature.

Diggin Deep’s Rewarding Fantasy Paytable Will Pay Players Well

At the top of the paytable is a green goblin-like creature, which likely inhabits the caves that the miner has invaded in his search for gold. The being’s prizes are 30, 100, and 1000 credits. The gas lamp’s rewards are equal to 20, 80, and 500 credits. The pickaxe offers 15, 65, and 300 credits. The hammer pays 10, 60, and 250 credits. The cart brings 6, 50, and 175 credits. The shovel awards 5, 30, and 100 credits. The cart full of purple stones with specks of gold provides players with 4, 20, and 80 credits. The gold nugget embedded in the purple crystal delivers 3, 12, and 60 credits. The bucket full of gold pieces gives 2, 10, and 40 credits.

Special Symbols Delivering Prizes Through Beneficial Effects

Neither the wild nor the scatter can deliver payouts through its combinations. They compensate for that through a couple of very generously paying effects. The wild, the happy miner, has the expanding ability, meaning that it will expand across the entire reel to form a new winning combination. It can substitute any of the other symbols in the game, and it can only show up on the first, the third, and the fifth reel. The scatter symbol is the gear wheels, which activate the free spins. The number of triggering scatters determines the number of awarded free spins. Three scatters bring ten spins; four scatters – 25 free spins and five scatters – 50 free spins.