Costume Party Slots

Costume Party is about a costume party with 3 reels and 3 pay lines by Rival Gaming. If you’ve ever been to a costume part before you’ll know just how much fun they can be. There is use of a wild that helps form winning combinations and a 5400 coins jackpot. Play with coin values from a penny up to five dollars with a max bet per spin of $75. There is a variety of eight different characters in this slot, with three different parts for each character; the head, the body, and the legs. You must match the proper head, body, and legs of at least one character to win.

Symbols on the reels include an Astronaut, a Chicken, a Cowboy, Frankenstein, a Knight, a Nurse, an Ape, a Witch, and Wonder Woman. The Ape is the wild symbol but the Ape isn’t like the other symbols. The Body of an Ape symbol will appear between the head and the legs of other characters. For the wild to create a win the head and legs must match.

The Funky Chicken pays out 20 coins, the Naughty Nurse pays out 30 coins. The Cowboy pays 50 coins, Wonder Woman pays 80 coins, the Knight pays 170 coins, the Astronaut pays 280 coins, the Sexy Witch pays 1000 coins, and Frankenstein pays out up to 3600 coins.